Peru Overnight in a Sky Lodge with Ziplines and Via Ferrata

2-Day Via Ferrata/Zip Line/Sky Lodge in the Sacred Valley

For a truly unique adventure experience, spend the night in the Sky Lodge!

2 Days / 1 night: Just $415/person!

2-Day Via Ferrata/Zip Line/Sky Lodge in the Sacred ValleyThe Sky Lodge is a clear luxury “capsule” that hangs off the top of a mountain in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru.  This hanging bedroom offers a spectacular 300-degree view of this beautiful valley.  There are 3 capsules with 4 beds, a dining area, and private bathroom.  They are 24 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8 feet high.  Gourmet dinner with wine and breakfast are included.

To reach the Sky Lodge, you must climb 1300 feet of via ferrata or hike up a steep trail. Decent is by repelling or via zip lines to the base of the mountain.

2-Day Via Ferrata/Zip Line/Sky Lodge in the Sacred ValleyA via ferrata is a method of climbing a mountain with ladders, metal handholds, and bridges.  This allows a non-rock climber to climb the mountain safely and more easily.  Everyone climbs with a guide and wears a climbing harness, helmet, gloves, and via ferrata lanyard.

There are 7 zip lines from 150 meters to 700 meters long for a total of 2800 meters.  You access the zip lines by a 30-40 minute hike, or doing the via ferrata.  Everyone goes with a guide and wears a climbing harness, helmet, gloves, zip line kit, and via ferrata lanyard.

2016 Price: $415/person

Price includes:

  • 1 night accommodation in the Sky Lodge
  • Via ferrata or zip lines (extra cost for both), equipment, and guides
  • Gourmet dinner with wine and breakfast
  • Transportation from Cusco or the Sacred Valley round-trip

See 2-Day Via Ferrata/Zip Line/Sky Lodge in the Sacred Valley >>

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NEW TRIP! 16 Day Southeast Asia Explorer: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia

16-Day Southeast Asia Explorer: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia

AWR announces a new amazing trip in Southeast Asia to include 4 countries — 16-Day Southeast Asia Explorer: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia!

Starting at $2445/person!

If vacation time is limited, but your travel goals expansive, this is an ideal “Best of” trip to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, four spectacular countries in the region that will not disappoint the curious traveler.

You can start this trip any day of the year, however the best time to visit the region is October through April. October and April are “best value” shoulder season months, meaning significant discounts yet the climate remains decent on the whole.

You can request changes to the itineraries, such as adding or subtracting days — just let us know. All tours are custom and private. We can also help travelers with elite luxury 5-star hotels in addition to the recommended “best value” 3-star mid-range and 4-star luxury options listed.


  • DAY 1: Bangkok arrival
  • DAY 2: Bangkok exploring – best of Bangkok by boat
  • DAY 3: Travel Bangkok to Chiang Mai
  • DAY 4: Full day with the elephants, at Patara
  • DAY 5: Travel Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang
  • DAY 6: Explore Luang Prabang
  • DAY 7: Discover Laotian culture
  • DAY 8: Travel Luang Prabang to Hanoi
  • DAY 9: Experience Hanoi like a local
  • DAY 10: Explore Halong Bay
  • DAY 11: Travel Halong – Hanoi – Danang – Hoi An
  • DAY 12: Explore the Hoi An countryside or enjoy a free day on the beach
  • DAY 13: Travel Hoi An – Danang – Siem Reap
  • DAY 14: Explore Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom
  • DAY 15: Discover the Roluos Group & Tonle Sap
  • DAY 16: Depart


2-3 People:

  • 3-STAR MODERATE: $2845/person
  • 4-STAR LUXURY: $3495/person

4+ People:

  • 3-STAR MODERATE: $2445/person
  • 4-STAR LUXURY: $2995/person

*** Prices listed are valid from November 1, 2016 through March 30, 2017.

*** Discounts for travel April 1 – October 20.

16-Day Southeast Asia Explorer: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia >>

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NEW TRIP — 4 Day Thailand Beach Extension to Krabi

4-Day Thailand: Beach Extension to Krabi

AWR announces a new trip extension in Thailand — 4 Day Beach Extension to Krabi!  This is a great combination with any of our other trips in Southeast Asia.

Starting at $445/person!

Krabi, Phuket and Koh Samui are the three most popular beach destinations in Thailand. Trying to decide which one to visit? Use Thailand’s climate to guide you.

Thailand has 2 distinct monsoon seasons. One – the main one – occurs in Thailand’s interior and west cost, while another occurs on the Gulf side. Monsoons are not just marked by heavy rains but also rough seas, which can really jeopardize good-time fun on the beach. Avoid the monsoon at the beach by picking the right beach destination.

Travelers typically visit Phuket or Krabi between November through April – the cooler dry season. For the island of Ko Samui, travelers target April through August. The good news is that no matter the time of year may want to travel in Thailand, you almost always have a solid beach area to visit with good weather.


  • DAY 1: Fly to Krabi
  • DAY 2: Krabi beach time – optional sea kayaking adventure
  • DAY 3: Beach time or optional boat trip for snorkeling and sun
  • DAY 4: Depart Krabi


  • 3-STAR MODERATE: The Ban Sainai Resort, Cliff Cottage
  • 4-STAR LUXURY: The Nakamanda Resort & Spa, Sala villa
  • 5-STAR ELITE LUXURY: The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Beach, Superior room

*** Optional tours are available on both of your free days if you’d prefer to be a little more active and see more of the area.


  • 3-STAR MODERATE: $445/person
  • 4-STAR LUXURY: $715/person
  • 5-STAR ELITE LUXURY: $795/person

*** Prices listed are valid from November 2016 through October 2017.

4 Day Beach Extension to Krabi >>

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Trip Report: Grand Canyon June 2016

Staff Members: Robin & Dean Paschall
Travel Dates: June 19-30, 2016
Route:  Lee’s Ferry to Pearce Ferry Landing

DAY 1 – June 19 – Mile 0-20

Our put-in spot is Lee’s Ferry.  Some of the group went out in duckies and the rest in the giant raft.  We saw hawks and condors.  There was nice jumping rock. Lunch was at the Badger Creek Rapid.  House Rock Rapid was the largest rapid of the day.  Camp #1 was at 20 miles across from North Canyon.  A great spot to celebrate Father’s Day!

DAY 2 – June 20 – Mile 20-34

Today we went through the “roaring 20” rapid — fun and wet.  Lunch was at Shinumo Wash, but we did not hike to the Silver Grotto.  We stopped at Cave Springs, which some interesting artifacts including old miner’s pots, and we did a quick hike to Stanton’s Cave.  The afternoon was spent in the shade of the giant Redwall Cavern, which is big enough for a large game of frisbee.  Camp#2 was at Little Redwall.

DAY 3 – June 21 – Mile 34-53

Happy summer solstice!  From the river, we were able to see the Anasazi Footbridge, crystals in the walls of the canyon, and the Bridge of Sighs (a natural bridge).  We did a stop at the Marble Canyon Dam Site, which has 3 dark tunnels to explore.  Then a hike to Saddle Canyon with its waterfalls and pool.  Camp #3 was at Lower Nankoweap.  From there, we hiked up to the Granaries for sunset views.  We even had beavers swim across the river right at the camp.

DAY 4 – June 22 – Mile 53-69

Our big stop today was at the Little Colorado River.  Beautiful blue and warm water with small rapids, which is great for swimming down in your life jacket.  Plus a healthy mud bath.  We stayed a long time, so lunch was on the boat.  It was actually raining when we went through Furnace Flats.  Camp #4 at Below Tanner Rapid.  From there, we hiked to a butte in Tanner Canyon overlooking Unkar Rapids.

DAY 5 – June 23 – Mile 69-115

This was a big rapids day — staring with Unkar Rapids and all the way through the Gems.  We scouted Hance Rapid and Crystal (ABC: Alive Below Crystal).  We stopped at Phantom Ranch for a lemonade and gave a ranger a ride to the next boat stop.  The next stop was Shinumo Creek with super warm waterfall, waterfall and cave.  Lunch was in a shady spot tied off to the wall of the canyon.  Camp #5 was Upper Garnet.  Everyone was happy to have a nice bathing spot!

DAY 6 – June 24 – Mile 115-134

Our first stop was at Elves Chasm.  It has a lovely waterfall and pool, which is great for jumping.  Lunch was at Blacktail Canyon.  We hiked into the narrow, deep canyon to see the Great Unconformity.  The afternoon hike was to Stone Creek with a beautiful waterfall but no swimming.  The water was almost hot as were the rocks around it.  Camp #6 was at Talking Heads.

DAY 7 – June 25 – Mile 134-137

Today we spent a full rest day at Deer Creek.  The Patio has a lot of shade plus a stream, pools, and small waterfalls — great for relaxing.  We also hiked up to the Springs and Throne Room, but there was no water at the Springs.  Camp #7 was at Across Deer Creek.

DAY 8 – June 26 – Mile 137-149

We made more miles today, but it was another rest day at Matkatamiba.  It was a lovely canyon with a stream and small pools (and good shade).  Some of us hiked up the canyon where a flash flood had gone through in recent years.  Camp #8 at Matkat Hotel.  Tonight was our first golf tournament!

DAY 9 – June 27 – Mile 149-171

We got to Havasu today.  Some of us hiked the 3.5 miles one-way to Beaver Falls (a dozen sheep seen).  Some hiked the 17 miles round-trip to Mooney Falls and Havasu Falls.  There are many spots along the river to enjoy the pools and waterfalls.  Camp #9 at Stairway Canyon with wreckage from the Lee’s Ferry ferry.  And another round of golf.

DAY 10 – June 28 – Mile 171-213

This was a big river day.  We had two youngsters aboard to kiss the Vulcan’s Anvil before jumping into Lava Falls Rapid.  We also saw 5 condors, lots of sheep, and a helicopter landing at Whitmore.  Camp #10 at Pumpkin, which some interesting hot springs and a popular cliff jumping spot.  We hiked to the potholes, which were fun to climb through.

DAY 11 – June 29– Mile 213-250

Our first stop was a 30-foot diving board rock for the adventurous. A group got in the duckies around mile 217 for the fun rapids ahead.  We did a hike at Travertine Canyon with ropes and ladders to a lovely waterfalls that can be climbed.  Lunch was at Bridge City (239), which has an old dam establishment.  On past Separation Canyon.  Camp #11 was at Tomahawk, but it took some weed whacking to get it ready.

DAY 12 – June 30 – Mile 250-280

The last day!  There are no more rapids as we approach Lake Mead.  We could see the Sky Walk from the river, and the helicopters and jet boats were numerous.  Our take out was at Pearce Ferry Landing. Fond memories of an amazing trip!

20160618-lees-ferry-view (3) (Large)

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Update on Argentina visa fees of U.S. citizens

For our clients who are planning on going to Argentina:

As of March 24, 2016, Argentina has decided to waive visa fees for U.S. citizens. You will not have to pay for a visa regardless of whether you are visiting for work or as a tourist. As long as your visit is less than 90 days, which should give you plenty of time to explore this amazing destination!

For more information about visas, please visit the Argentina Embassy’s website.

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NEW TRIP! 8 Day Costa Rica Girlfriend Getaway

8-Day Luxury Costa Rica Girlfriend Getaway

AWR announces a new trip to Costa Rica designed for women looking for luxury, pampering, and adventure — 8-Day Luxury Costa Rica Girlfriend Getaway!

Just $1465/person!

8-Day Luxury Costa Rica Girlfriend GetawayOne amazing country, two premium hotels, and eight days to relax, laugh, explore, and have fun with your best friends. It’s your turn to be pampered!

The 2 special properties in this luxury girlfriend getaway are

  • Hotel Punta Islita
  • El Silencio Lodge & Spa

At Hotel Punta Islita, Costa Rica’s best experiences are enjoyed in feel-good equilibrium. Surrounded by lush tropical forest and colorful local communities, this destination resort gazes upon a secluded beach cove along Guanacaste’s wide-open Pacific coastline.

Silencio (“silence” in Spanish) befits a destination where daily stress is silenced by nature’s crisp melodies. El Silencio Lodge & Spa features a 500 acre private cloud forest reserve, hidden trails and waterfalls, an upscale organic restaurant, a spa, and an organic mini-farm.


  • 8-Day Luxury Costa Rica Girlfriend GetawayDAY 1: Arrive Costa Rica and Transfer
  • DAY 2: Guided Cloud Forest Hike / Community Tour
  • DAY 3: Free day at El Silencio / Complimentary Wine Tasting and Massage
  • DAY 4: Transfer to Pacific Coast / Arrival Cocktail and Sunset
  • DAY 5: Guided Tour to the Local Fishing Village / Beach R&R
  • DAY 6: Beach R&R / Wellness Massage at Casa Spa
  • DAY 7: Beach R&R / Private Beach Garden Dinner
  • DAY 8: Depart Costa Rica


  • $1465/person

Price valid through December 19, 2016.

8-Day Luxury Costa Rica Girlfriend Getaway >>

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NEW TRIP — 3 Day Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Express

3-Day Bwindi Gorilla Express

AWR announces a new short gorilla trek in Uganda — 3-Day Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Express!  This trip starts and ends in Kigali, Rwanda, but you drive to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Forest in Uganda for the gorilla trekking.

Starting at $895/person + Gorilla Permit

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has a unique rich and varied ecosystem and has lowland rainforest and afromontane forest. It is considered as one of the most unique and important forests of Africa. UNESCO declared it as a Natural World Heritage site for Humanity for his many values and because it is vital to the survival of many endangered species.


  • DAY 1: Morning arrival at Kigali and Transfer to Kisoro region in Uganda
  • DAY 2: Gorilla Trekking in southern region of Bwindi National Park
  • DAY 3: Transfer Kigali for departure


  • 2-STAR BUDGET: Travellers Rest
  • 3-STAR MODERATE: Bwindi Jungle Lodge
  • 4-STAR LUXURY: Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge


  • 2-STAR BUDGET: $895/person
  • 3-STAR MODERATE: $995/person
  • 4-STAR LUXURY: $1995/person

NOTE: Uganda gorilla permits are $600/person/day. Low season permits are $465/person/day for March, April, November.

3-Day Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Express >>

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Kilimanjaro Marathon 2017 — Dates Announced!

16-Day Kilimanjaro Marathon with Safari

They have announced the date for the next Kilimanjaro Marathon to be held on February 26, 2017.  This event offers a

  • Full marathon
  • Half marathon
  • 5k fun run

16-Day Kilimanjaro Marathon with Safari and Kilimanjaro
February 12-27, 2017

This itinerary combines a 5-day group safari, which includes the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater plus a 7-day group Kilimanjaro trek on the Machame Route with a big finish with the Kilimanjaro Marathon.


DAY 1: FEB 12: Arrive Moshi
DAY 2: FEB 13: Rest Day
DAY 3: FEB 14: 5 DAY GROUP SAFARI / Moshi to Lake Manyara Game Drive
DAY 4: FEB 15: Serengeti/Ndutu Game Drive
DAY 5: FEB 16: Serengeti/Ndutu Game Drive
DAY 6: FEB 17: Game Drive and Optional Cultural Visits
DAY 7: FEB 18: Ngorongoro Crater game drive, drive to Moshi
DAY 8: FEB 19: 7 DAY GROUP MACHAME TREK / Hike Machame Gate to Machame Camp
DAY 9: FEB 20: Hike Machame Camp to Shira Camp
DAY 10: FEB 21: Shira Camp to Lava Tower to Barranco Camp
DAY 11: FEB 22: Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp
DAY 12: FEB 23: Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp
DAY 13: FEB 24: Barafu Camp to Summit to Mweka Hut
DAY 14: FEB 25: Mweka Camp to Moshi
DAY 16: FEB 27: Departure


The price for this itinerary based on 2 people is $4295/person.

You can arrange any trek, safari, or Zanzibar visit around this date, but we have a group safari and group Kilimanjaro trek that fit perfectly with the Kilimanjaro Marathon.

See Full Itinerary >>

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NEW TRIP — 9 Day Costa Rica Family Caribbean Adventure

9-Day Costa Rica Family Caribbean Adventure

AWR announces a new trip to the eastern side of Costa Rica —  9 Day Costa Rica Family Caribbean Adventure!  This trip combines

  • Wildlife in Tortuguero National Park
  • River rafting in Sarapiqui
  • Beach time in Puerto Viejo

There is a special price for children, but this trip is great for adults without children too!

Starting at $995/adult and $545/child!

Costa Rica is one of the happiest, friendliest, and warmest destinations in the world. Costa Rica is home to beautiful beaches and idyllic national parks. On this special trip, see the fabulous flora and fauna in the jungles of Tortuguero, hike in the lower Caribbean rainforest, enjoy a fun whitewater rafting trip, and relax on the beach.


  • DAY 1: Arrive San Jose, transfer, and overnight
  • DAY 2: Travel San Jose to Tortuguero National Park
  • DAY 3: Explore Tortuguero National Park
  • DAY 4: Travel Tortuguero to Sarapiqui
  • DAY 5: Sarapiqui rafting / Travel to Puerto Viejo
  • DAY 6: Free day on the beach
  • DAY 7: Free day at the beach
  • DAY 8: Free morning / Travel back to San Jose
  • DAY 9: Depart


2-3 People:

  • $1095/adult
  • $545/child

4+ People:

  • $995/adult
  • $545/child

*** Child rates apply for kids ages 2 to 9 years old sharing in 1 double room with two adults.

9-Day Costa Rica Family Caribbean Adventure >>

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Galapagos Deals & Holiday Availability


Save $100/Person on ANY Galapagos Cruise*

Must Book by June 15, 2016


See below for discounted vessels and availability over the Christmas/New Years holiday season!

Coral I/II & Legend

Sun Deck on the Legend Galapagos cruise

Sun Deck on the Legend

Three of our favorite boats are the Legend (100 passengers), the Coral I (36 passengers), and the Coral II (20 passengers).  These boats have a jacuzzi or small pool, offer sea kayaks, have a good kids program, and are a good value for the money.

Selected departures in July-November 2016 are on sale. 4, 5, and 8 day itineraries are available.


  • Standard Cabin: $1645/person
  • Standard Plus: $2045/person
  • Junior Suite: $2295/person
  • Legend Suite: $2645/person
  • Balcony Suite: $2945/person
  • $90/person Fuel Surcharge
  • $495/person Galapagos Flights
  • *** Contact us for 5-day and 8-day prices.


Stand-up Paddleboards and Kayaks Galapagos

Stand-up Paddleboards and Kayaks

Eric and Letty are identical 20-passenger first-class yachts.  The Origin is a brand new premium luxury 20-passenger yacht.  They all offer 2 naturalist-guides, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards.  Only 8-day itineraries are offered.

10% fall discount on selected departures in September and October 2016. They also have a 5% winter discount on selected departures in January and February 2017.


  • Eric/Letty: $5145 Dolphin deck, $4745 Booby deck, $4295 Iguana deck, $4095 Triple
  • Origin: $6495 Double, $6295 Triple


Cormorant Double/Twin Cabin Galapagos

Cormorant Double/Twin Cabin

The Cormorant is a first-class 16-passenger motorized catamaran.

They are offering special prices on selected dates:

  • Aug 17-20 (4D/3N Wed – Sat): US$2940
  • Aug 27-31 (5D/4N Sat – Wed): US$3965
  • Sep 03-10 (8D/7N Sat – Sat): US$6235
  • Dec 03-07 (5D/4N Sat – Wed): US$3965
  • Dec 07-10 (4D/3N Wed – Sat): US$2940
  • Dec 10-17 (8D/7N Sat – Sat): US$6235

Ocean Spray

The Ocean Spray is a first-class 16-passenger motorized catamaran.  They are offering special prices on selected dates:

Aug 20-27 (8D/7N Sat – Sat): US$6235
Dec 03-06 (4D/3N Wed – Sat): US$2940
Dec 10-17 (8D/7N Sat – Sat): US$6235

Christmas/New Years Holidays:

Tip Top IV
First class yacht
Capacity for 16 passengers

Tip Top IV in the Galapagos

Tip Top IV in the Galapagos

Relax onboard the Tip Top IV with lavish amenities like the roomy sundeck, inviting dining room, well-stocked bar, full library, TV/VCR/DVD with sound system, desktop PC with e-mail access, air conditioning, and carpeting throughout. Each of the craft’s ten cabins comes with a private bathroom (equipped with both hot and cold water), a personal safe, and a wardrobe.

  • 5 Day cruise: December 26-30, 2016
  • Price per person $ 3295 USD Lower deck cabins
  • Price per person $ 3645 USD Upper deck cabins
  • *** Price includes flights to the Galapagos!


MON: Baltra, Black turtle cove
TUE: Chinese Hat, Rabida
WED: Santiago: Sullivan Bay, Bartolome
THU: Santa Fe, Plazas
FRI: Bachas, Baltra airport

Catamaran Nemo III

Capacity for 14 passengers
First class yacht

Nemo III Catamaran Galapagos

Nemo III Catamaran

The Nemo III is a large trans-oceanic, allumarine, 72-foot, multihull yacht; a wonderfully stable cruising vessel.  It  was specially designed by Lagenvin to take up to 12 passengers, accommodated in seven double cabins, each with a private bathroom. The ingeniously designed salon, vast cockpit and unique exterior surface make this beautiful catamaran an exceptional choice for your Galapagos cruise.    Yacht has a Jacuzzi.

  • 8 days cruise: January 1-8, 2017
  • Price per person : $ 4595  USD


SUN: Baltra, North Seymour
MON: San Cristobal: Isla Lobos , Leon Dormido, Cerro Brujo
TUE: Española: Bahia Gardner, Pta. Suarez
WED: Floreana: Pta. Comorant , Post Office Bay
THU: Santa Cruz: Highlands, Charles Darwin Station
FRI: Plaza Sur, Santa Fe
SAT: Bartolome, Sombrero Chino
SUN: Mosquera, Baltra

Archipel I

First class  catamaran

The Archipel I offers six twin cabins and two matrimonial cabins, spacious lodgings, and each one consists of a private bathroom with hot-and-cold water, toilets, spacious closets and drawers, wide windows, air-conditioning, bottled water and fresh towels. The social area consists of a dining room, a well-supplied bar and a conference area with television, DVD player and projector, table games, library with books and DVDs. Enjoy the sea breezes or a sky full with stars from the observation platform.

  • 8 Day cruise: January 2-9, 2017
  • Price per person $ 3995 USD


MON: Baltra, North Seymour
TUE: Bartolome, Santiago: Sullivan Bay
WED: Isabela: wall of tears, tortoise breeding centre
THU: Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin centre, Twin craters
FRI: Floreana: Punta Cormorant, Champion, Post office bay, Baronesa lookout
SAT: Española: Gardner Bay, Punta Suarez
SUN: San Cristobal: Punta Pitt, Cerro Brujo
MON: San Cristobal: Isla Lobos, Airport


  • Valid on any Galapagos cruise of $2000/person or more
  • Must book by June 15, 2016
  • New bookings only, not valid on existing bookings

Contact us for more information >>

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