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Tanzania Testimonials
(and favorite moments and stories)

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Meghan and I had such an incredible journey through Africa! I want to thank Adventures Within Reach for making it possible. All of our drivers and guides are every special individuals that enormously contributed to our experience. They are professional, kind, informative, and above all extremely interested in our well being and safety. Everything was very well organized and designed. Thank you again for all your attentiveness to our bookings. I will be a customer of Adventures Within Reach again as well as recommend this company to our friends.

Ashley P., CA, USA
4-Day Rwanda Gorilla Trek+ 6-Day Rongai Route + 5-Day Safari, June 2016

The guides/porters on the hike and safari were wonderful.  I could not say more positive things about the crew with Tanzania Journeys.  They just really took care of us!  

Lisa G., USA
6-Day Rongai Route + 2-Day Safari, February 2016

We loved it all! The safari was very special though, since it is a unique experience.  We felt secure throughout the entire trip. Everything was planned for our convenience. It was a perfect experience.

Jack S., Illinois, US
3-Day Short Serengeti Fly-In Safari + 5-Days Zanzibar, January 2016

[My f]avorite part is the porters and guides (especially Rashid), they encourage[d] us in many ways, slowly and patiently stayed with us during the summit. I made it to the summit despite my altitude sickness, thanks to Rashid and Ramadan. [T]he food was great too. [E]verything was perfect in my trip.

Nisha B., Singapore
7-Day Machame Trek, February 2016

The bike ride was a wonderful way to see things other than the main streets of Moshi and was a great way to become familiar with our surroundings and the wonderful folks in Moshi.  Abdul was a wonderful guide - knowledgeable of the town, very safe, and willing to answer our many questions.

Carolyn G., USA
1-Day Biking in Moshi, February 2016

[The Moshi bike trip] was a highlight of my trip. Abdul was an awesome guide and took us places few travelers have been. In fact I gave the bike ride information to our guide with IMG and a high recommendation for future travelers. The lunch was an added bonus.

Vicki M., US
1-Day Biking in Moshi, February 2016

I signed up for a group on Kilimanjaro but it turned out that I was the only one in the group. This turned out The safari was great, although very busy and lots of driving.  Food at the lodges was very good.  The variety in accommodation was nice - the tented camp was prob my favorite.  I saw more animals than I thought I would - everything you would imagine! Being a single traveler, it is difficult to find set departure safaris to join at a reasonable price.  I also liked the variety in accomodation offered. 

Zayna R., California, US
5-day Safari, March 2015

The guides for both Kilimanjaro and the safari were more knowledgeable and experienced than we could have imagined. The porters do a miraculous job. Since we were just two trekkers with a guide and assistant guide (himself actually also a guide), we each had our own personal hero to help us out when we had our inevitable individual low point or crisis. And they always knew the right thing to say to keep our confidence up. Thanks to them we made it to the top!

Chris W., Zurich, Switzerland
7-day Machame Trek + 5-day Safari, February 2015

My Kilimanjaro guide, Rashid, was extremely knowledgeable and competent. His guidance was key to my successful summit. It was clear that his group of porters worked together very well, and were a good team.  They were supportive of my trip and always positive. The food was good, especially the soup each evening. Summiting at Uhuru Peak was a great feeling!! Loved the Kilimanjaro song the guide and porters sang on the last day.

My husband really liked the hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti. And of course, all the animals were amazing. Our safari guide, Charles Goodluck, was wonderful in spotting animals, and took the time to explain the reasons for the animal migration and many characteristics we would have missed had he not taken the time to point them out.

Robin Paschall was very responsive to my questions, both by phone and by e-mail.  Her availability and openness was definitely a factor in my decision.

Lilian C., Florida, US
7-day Machame Trek + 5-day Safari, January - February 2015

I signed up for a group on Kilimanjaro but it turned out that I was the only one in the group. This turned out very well for me as Rashid was with me every step of the way. I am not sure I would have made the summit without Rashid. The attention of Rashid and the team exceeded my expectations. On summit day I was almost back to the Baranco camp but was really tired. Rashid called the porters and had them come out to help me. Of course he did not tell me this. So it was a great surprise to see them come out to us with some orange juice. It was a nice way to finish the hike. Finally on the last morning I gave the team their tips and they sang me some songs. I have a little video of this. It was a very nice moment.

I think on the Safari I would have liked a few more days. Not to go to more places but just to break up the days. It would have been nice to do a morning drive and an afternoon drive with a few hours to rest in between.

I went on the Everest Base Camp trek with AWR and it worked out very well. It appeared that you specialized in Kilimanjaro so it seemed natural to book with you. I found AWR through the National Geographic 100 best Adventure Tour companies for the Everest Base Camp trek. This is a great endorsement and I felt comfortable booking with you for that trip.

Roger S.
California, US
7-day Machame Trek + 5-day Safari, Dec. 2014 - Jan. 2015

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