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Tanzania Testimonials
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I signed up for a group on Kilimanjaro but it turned out that I was the only one in the group. This turned out very well for me as Rashid was with me every step of the way. I am not sure I would have made the summit without Rashid. The attention of Rashid and the team exceeded my expectations. On summit day I was almost back to the Baranco camp but was really tired. Rashid called the porters and had them come out to help me. Of course he did not tell me this. So it was a great surprise to see them come out to us with some orange juice. It was a nice way to finish the hike. Finally on the last morning I gave the team their tips and they sang me some songs. I have a little video of this. It was a very nice moment.

I think on the Safari I would have liked a few more days. Not to go to more places but just to break up the days. It would have been nice to do a morning drive and an afternoon drive with a few hours to rest in between.

I went on the Everest Base Camp trek with AWR and it worked out very well. It appeared that you specialized in Kilimanjaro so it seemed natural to book with you. I found AWR through the National Geographic 100 best Adventure Tour companies for the Everest Base Camp trek. This is a great endorsement and I felt comfortable booking with you for that trip.

Roger S.
California, US
7-day Machame Trek + 5-day Safari, Dec. 2014 - Jan. 2015

Our guide was amazing especially with our 2.5 year old son. He even brought his own infant seat from home and installed it in the truck for our son as he knew how bumpy the roads were. This was all without our asking and we found this thoughtfulness all throughout our trip. Our son had an emergency dash to the hospital in Karatu and our guide was very supportive during this and really made us feel safe.

Rachel W.
Victoria, Australia
10-day Luxury Custom Safari, September 2014

Our guides on the Kilimanjaro trek really made the entire trip. They were patient, supportive and extremely accurate as to providing us details on the mountain and expectations for each day. Our tents were set up every night, the food was amazing and the guides/porters went above and beyond each chance they were given. They would dry our boots at night so we had dry boots in the morning. They taught us how to play games and entertained us and most of all encouraged us when we were down and having tough days. Their personalities definitely added to the entire experience and we wouldn't have been able to make it to the summit without each of them.

Janet H.
Wisconsin, US
7-day Luxuy Lemosho Trek + 3-day Safari, September 2014

The quality of the safari was excellent. Accommodations on the safari were great. The staff at every location was outstanding.

Timothy M.
Wisconsin, US
5-day Safari, September 2014

Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and allowed us to weigh in on how long we spent in each area. Everyone we came in contact with at our camps was delightful. I'd have like longer stays at some because they were so beautiful.

Timothy M.
North Carolina, US
5-day Safari + Materuni Waterfall Tour, September 2014

Rashid, Rama and Bosco were the best guides we could have asked for. They were pleasant, knowledgeable, prepared and compassionate. Pickup at the airport and all transfers were seamless. All equipment that was provided was good quality.

Rachel S.
Illinois, US
8-day Luxuy Lemosho Trek, September 2014

Our Kilimanjaro Guide Kibacha, our assistant guide Rashidi, and all of our porters were first rate in every way and and I cannot recommend them highly enough! They reflected very highly on AWR, themselves, and their countrymen. They were smart, extremely friendly and knowledgeable, caring, attentive, and made sure we were comfortable and doing well at all times! I had no doubts we were going to summmit with their guidance! From the very beginning to the very end, AWR and Bebe did a superb job and everything went without a glitch. My son and I have memories for our lifetime.

I mentioned to AWR that I was going to climb Kili for my birthday. They told the outfitter and guides and they packed a cake and candles and gave me a birthday party with song and dancing at over 12,000 feet at camp on my birthday! Tanzanian people, the guides and porters in particular are already the happiest people I could ever imagine. With no close second, it was the happiest birthday I could have ever imagined and I am sure I will ever experience. Wow, hard to come back home again and go back to work!

Stephen V.
Colorado, US
7-day Machame Trek + 3-day Safari + 4-Day Zanzibar, September 2014

It exceeded our expectations as we had never been on a safari before, and it was excellent.

Avyatar A.
Essone, France
9-day Custom Safari, September 2014

The trip exceeded my expectations! I was so impressed with our crew. Abuu and our assistant guide Charles had so much experience. They were outstanding in their kindness and helpfulness, and I trusted them completely.

I love the stars and would look at them every night. I kept looking for the Large and Small Magellanic clouds, 2 small galaxies that orbit our own and that you can only see from the Southern hemisphere. But, I couldn't find them until summit night. We were taking a break, and I was so tired and trying to stay motivated, and I looked up and there they were in the night sky! It was like a sign.

Kathryn W.
West Virginia, US
7-day Rongai Trek, August 2014

Our guide was terrific, dependable, and knowledgeable. Accommodations, with only one exception, exceeded our expectations, as did food and drink. The quantity and variety of wildlife was nothing short of spectacular- - - every day. It was the trip of a lifetime, and this, from a family lucky enough to have traveled much of the world together!

Jeremy M.
Wyoming, US
8-day Safari, August 2014

The Safari was fabulous and exceeded our expectations. Everything went smoothly. The accommodations were varied and fun as they allowed interesting encounters and observation of animals. Our safari guide was a delight and so knowledgeable! He was the key in our enjoyment and wonder.

Dan at AWR was very friendly and easy going. We had called other services but they didn't call back. Once we talked with Dan we stayed with AWR. We'll use AWR again. Soon, I hope!

Deb M. and family
Wyoming, US
8-day Safari, August 2014

Our trip was a great adventure!! All of the porters, guides, cook, server and potty man were wonderful. It was amazing to see how easily they carried thier loads over the rocks and boulders. At the end thay sang us a beautiful song. They certainly earned every dollar of pay and the gratuities that we gave them. The hot ginger tea that was brought to our tent each morning was a great unexpected treat.

Jo Ann S.
New York, US
7-day Machame Trek + 1-day Safari + Visit to MAD Project, June 2014

Our trip met the excellent expectations we expected from AWR since we traveled to Ecuador with you last year. We were surprised that we had out own safari -just the two of us. We loved the monthly countdown advice you sent us. I found that better safe than sorry for us. The links were extremely helpful.

Mary R.
California, US
7-day Safari, June 2014

Our incredible tour guide, Godlisten, was the key to our trip exceeding expectations. He was always patient, concerned, and flexible with managing our family needs and interests. He offered insights into the various topics (cultural, political, geographical, historical, etc.) we inquired about or as he proactively saw an opportunity to share. We were very comfortable with his safe driving practices. Godlisten also made sure we followed safety measures, yet he did not hinder us from experiencing a sense of adventure. We were very grateful for his familiarity with the various towns along the route so as to accommodate our requests for services such as hair braiding, shoe repair, local restaurants, or even clean bathroom stops for the kids. Most special was Godlisten's determination to do all he could to ensure that we saw the Big 5. Another factor to exceeding expectations was that the recommended hotel/lodge accommodations were the perfect balance for our family's size, budget, desired comfortability and unique experience.

Christiana N.
Louisiana, US
5-day Safari, March 2014

The men we were lucky enough to be able to be on the mountain with are outstanding. I am used to doing everything on my own and this was a whole new experience. Tough dudes no doubt. As I have mentioned before, they all deserve the world for what they do for people like myself. I will never forget them and hope someday, sooner than later, to be back to join them once more. I really I cannot say enough good about them. Charles,Said,Paul,"Shed",Fedel,Godbless,Peter,Godlisten,Ramadhani,Amiri,and Haji, Thank you brothers. I wish you all the best.

Sean D.
Wisconsin, US
7-day Rongai Trek + 1-day Safari + 4-day Zanzibar Island, January 2014

The trip was INCREDIBLE! It is truly hard to explain the immense feeling of accomplishment reached a top the mountain. We had a wonderful group of people to assist us on our journey and they definitely played a big part in our overall success. We felt very well taken care of and our experience overall was stupendous. From our initial investigation into the trip and what it entailed to booking to actually doing our trek and safari, everything exceeded our expectations. We would absolutely recommend AWR to others as it was recommended to us by a previous customer.

Sue & Brian C.
New Jersey, US
8-day Lemosho Trek + 2-day Safari, January 2014

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