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The tours were very good. The hotels were in great locations.

Frank & Kim S., USA
Machu Picchu Tour by Train, 1/2 Day-Cusco City Tour, 1-Day Sacred Valley Tour
November 2016

Train to Machu Picchu: Nice ride!  Nice views!  Good snacks and drinks.

Palomino Boat Tour:  Fantastic!  Loved it!  Water was freezing and the island really stunk, but still a great experience, for everybody I think.

Cusco City Tour:  My tour guide was great.  I enjoyed seeing the cathedral, the Sexy Woman (Sascaywaman) and the others.

Sacred Valley and Maras/Moray Tour:  Was great.  [T]the archaological site at Moray was really interesting.  The salt mines at Maras were awesome!  Also wished we had just a little bit more time here to explore, but still felt good about what I got to experience.  There is a lot to see between the mines and the market.  Not to mention all the food they sold there (mainly chocolate, corns and chicha).

Amazon Rainforest at Muyuna Lodge: The food was SO FANTASTIC at Muyuna!  I loved it!  And the staff was so friendly and personable.  I loved every minute of it.  The other guests were great as well.  They were all very participative and interested in getting to know each other.

My guide was really good. He knew his way around the jungle and found us three species of monkeys on our day hike.  He found us seven sloths on my first outing.  On our night outing, he caught us an adorable little Caiman and we were able to take turns holding it for photos, and for fun :). 

The accommodations there were fantastic.  Plenty of warm water.  Great bed.  Very simple, yet had exactly what you needed when on a trip to the Amazon.  Hammocks on the bungalow porch, as well as rocking chairs and a little table.  There was plenty to do in case you had downtime as well---that being a foosball table, pingpong, volleyball, guitar, jungle to hike right behind the place, as well as plenty of books to read.  They also left little puzzles to do in the rooms, which I took advantage of.

Kyle B., Texas, USA
20 Days in Peru: Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Iquitos' Amazon
October - November 2016

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Both the Kilimanjaro trek and Safari in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater (caldera actually) were literally dreams come true for me. I'm an environmental scientist and started my career as a field research biologist. As a child, I was already reading books about African wildlife and would watch nature shows on TV of the Tanzanian plains and forests with my Dad every week. I read an article about Mt. Kilimanjaro in a National Geographic magazine as a young adult and made it my goal to climb it. Later, I learned about the disappearance of the glaciers due to climate change and felt even more of an urgency. In 2006, I spent four months in Southern Africa as a research assistant then traveling through seven countries but Tanzania was still "calling". So, my initial goals were made decades ago, and for various "life" reasons, pursuing them was postponed, but they were accomplished, the dreams realized, this past October (2016) at age 49!

Brenda B., CA, USA
7-Day Group Machame Route Kilimanjaro Trek + 5-Day Group Safari, October 2016

10 doesn't even begin to share the number I would give to the staff from the Adventures Within Reach. The staff at Endoro [Lodge] were very kind and considerate especially given the late hour [of my arrival]. [M]y guide Rama . . . made my safari an amazing experience. I tell everyone how he could spot a dot in the ground and know that it was a rhino. He did that all during our safari. He was always willing to explain things to us even when he must have been exhausted. I loved every minute. [I] ended up loving [Serengeti Halisi Camp]. I loved looking out on my balcony [at Rhino Lodge] and seeing Water Buffalo and Waterbuck.

Carolyn S., USA
5-Day Safari, July 2016

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Costa Rica

[Our favorite part of the trip was] the variety of the three experiences - Caribbean Coast, Northern volcano area, Pacific beach.

Barb C., CO, USA
10-Day Costa Rica Adventure with the Pacuare River, October-November 2016

It was a great trip to take my 9 year old daughter on. Our favorite things were all the scenery, and animals. White water rafting and zip lining were our 2 favorite activities.

We would absolutely recommend Adventures Within Reach!

Wendy D.
9-Day Custom Family Costa Rica Adventure, August 2016

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Southeast Asia

You guys have always done a great job with our trips and really made us feel like we're getting the best adventure for our time. I like that you give us a few options so that we can go rugged, luxury, or somewhere in between. The travel guides are well matched and the activities are exciting- they give us a mix of physical activity and drinking downtime which both help us immerse ourselves into the country and its culture.

I enjoyed Myanmar the most because it is a land unmoved by the western influence which has changed so much of SE Asia. I give it 3 years before it has also changed drastically. But this trip showed us a part of the world that is distinctly comfortable with its own culture and traditions. I could rant for a long while on this topic alone. I also very much enjoyed Saigon with the bike tour, the sights, and the people. Quite simply we needed much more time.

Destry H., Wisconsin, U.S.
10-Day Custom Southeast Asia Tour: Myanmar, Vietnam, and Cambodia, February 2017

Anyway the trip was AWESOME!!  In fact I recommended you guys and a trip like this to some of the folks we met on our cruise on Ha Long Bay because Myanmar was just that amazing and cool.  I always highly recommend you guys and the trips you do because they are some of the most fun and unique things to do.  Nothing too fancy or basic either, the just right category for me.

I have multiple favorite parts of the trip for various reasons.  I loved Myanmar because it was so unique and untouched.  The food was some of the most amazing I have ever had. . . . There was also the right mix of downtime in there to make it a true vacation which is what I liked;  some adventure and some relaxation time.  The history of Bagan and the temples were great.

Hanoi - the tour guide was phenomenal!  We loved the walking tour and the beer stop, just about perfect.  The hotel here was a lot of fun too!  The boat cruise was great and we met a ton of fun people as well.  

Cambodia - my favorite part was the bike ride, it was a lot more intimate and really a lot of fun. Again all of it having the perfect mix of down time and exploring.

Michael P., Wisconsin, U.S.
10-Day Custom Southeast Asia Tour: Myanmar, Vietnam, and Cambodia, February 2017

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Himalayas - Bhutan, India, Nepal, & Tibet

Extremely likely to recommend Adventures Within Reach. [My favorite part of the trip was] Amber fort and the days in Agra.

Joe W., Taipei, Taiwan
7-Day India's Golden Triangle (Delhi and Taj Mahal), January - February 2017

Too many [favorite parts of the trip] to narrow down to one. I will say our guides were outstanding! The elephant ride; monkeys, monkeys, monkeys; Old Delhi; Gangtok; Darjeeling; and of course, the Taj Mahal.

Jolleen G., Washington, DC, US
23-Day Custom India Tour and Sikkim Trek, September - October 2015

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